New Air Conditioning System - 1st Service Heating and Air for Richmond, KY
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New Air Conditioning System

How To Choose A New Air Conditioning System

When its time for a new air conditioning system 1ST SERVICE HEATING AND AIR will provide you with important information to help you make an educated informed decision. We install industry leading equipment for a long lasting, high efficiency system. The units we install are backed with solid warranties and full technical support for any troubleshooting challenges. We install these top systems because we know what works, has less troubles after installation and provides the best service. In fact this is what we have in our own homes.


What to look for in a good Central Air System?

History of dependability. Quiet operation. Efficiency with an AHRI Certification to prove it. Easy parts order for any future repairs. Full technical support.

What about equipment sizing? How do I know what size to buy?

The air conditioner for your home must be sized properly in order to operate to optimal levels. A proper sizing can be performed by our professional hvac experts. We do in-house computer computations to figure a manual J heat load/loss calculation. This is the best way to know exactly what size of unit your home needs. In Kentucky, certain weather data is used to determine proper sizing based on temperatures, humidity levels and other factors that effect our comfort levels. At 1st Service Heating and Air, we make sure the unit is sized correctly and back that up with our Double Labor Warranty and satisfaction guaranteed promise.

We keep your comfort and equipment efficiency in mind when designing a system.

Have you ever heard this statement: “I want a bigger system because my old unit never kept up?”  That may not be the best choice. Older systems could have many problems that cause them not to work properly. These problems include blocked air flow, low refrigerant levels, improper installation, weakened compressor valves or other component failures.

1ST SERVICE HEATING AND AIR will determine the proper size for your home. Over-sized units can cause problems just like under sized units can. Over-sized unit will cycle on and off because too much cooling is taking place too soon. Humidity does not get removed and the constant start and stopping can cause wear and tear on the equipment and higher energy bills. Too small of a unit won’t provide sufficient cooling either. Since every home is different, your home needs to be measured and factors taken into consideration: like window types, insulation values, duct work and other important factors that contribute to heating and cooling loads.

1ST SERVICE HEATING AND AIR will make sure the system is sized properly by using the proper tools and calculations to show your individual homes needs.

Raise Your Efficiency and Comfort With Proper Maintenance

1st Service Heating and Air provides air conditioning service, maintenance, and new system installation.

How is your heating and cooling system operating? Proper maintenance is essential to your homes comfort level. When you keep your air conditioning system running properly it can help save you money by lowering your high cost utility bills. A properly maintained system will cool better, provide better air distribution and keep the unit running to maximum capacity and efficiency.  After all, you wouldn’t drive your car without changing the oil when needed would you? That would cause wear and tear and major issues. An hvac system also needs proper maintenance in order to run at its utmost efficiency. Contact us to learn about our VIP Maintenance Service. We have many customers who rely on us to maintain their heating and air conditioning systems and save money in the long run.

1ST SERVICE HEATING AND AIR is here to help your system run more smoothly and efficiently. Give us a call and we will get a professional technician out to check your system. During our visit to check your heating and cooling system, our technician will perform a maintenance check that includes our 1st Service inspection check-off list of over 30 maintenance areas.