HVAC Inspection for Richmond, KY and Surrounding - 1st Service Heating and Air for Richmond, KY
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HVAC Inspection for Richmond, KY and Surrounding

$39 Inspection

Go ahead and book an appointment. Also, mention that you got the GROUPON for our $39 Inspection after you visit the link below! For a Limited time only.

Need HVAC inspection for Richmond KY and surrounding?

In moderate weather, poorly maintained heating or air conditioning might not seem like such a big deal. But come winter or summer, you’ll definitely want your HVAC system working well! Sudden failure of heating or cooling is often due to putting off or improper maintenance.

Homeowners and homebuyers who invest in annual HVAC inspections are actually rarely surprised with a huge repair bill or failure from their furnace or air conditioner due to being proactive.

A full HVAC inspection is a thorough review and assessment of all components related to heating and cooling your home.  Those looking to buy a home should consider getting an HVAC inspection from a specialist, with a home inspection during the home buying process.


*Remember that Inspections through 1st Service Heating and Air are $39 (for a limited time)  –  We Service Heating and Air in Richmond, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. See the GROUPON


Why get an annual HVAC inspection?

One of the hardest things on your budget is forgoing simple inspections that compound over time to turn into major repairs. We know this about our cars, indoor appliances, and it indeed applies to your heating and air systems.

A simplified annual HVAC inspection will actively reduce your need for repairs and improve the energy efficiency and air quality in your home. As a homeowner, you’ll know how your system is doing and won’t be surprised when the need for repair or replacement arises. You’ll be ahead of the curve.

We have a 1st Service Heating And Air VIP Maintenance Agreement available for a full service inspection, cleaning, testing and professional evalualtion of your HVAC system. Many times we have headed off minor problems and repaired them before larger expensive damage occured to our customer’s systems. This has saved hundreds and thousands of dollars for our customers.

An annual VIP Maintenance Agreement helps pay for itself in energy savings and prolonged equipment life.

These benefits include:

  1. 30 Point Written Inspection With Minor Repairs Included
  2. Discounts For Any Parts Needed
  3. Priority Service
  4. Emergency Service At No Extra Charge
  5. Other Benefits

Can I just do an HVAC inspection myself?

Heating and cooling systems are complex pieces of equipment that are rarely diagnosed properly by novice handymen and women. Honestly, how many times has even a professional messed up and you found out about it!?

We recomment that a licensed, certified professional works on your several thousand dollar heating and cooling units. The minimal cost involved for a VIP Maintenance Plan is usually much less than what you would pay if you or someone else makes a costly mistake. With that said, there is plenty that you can learn yourself to keep your system clean.


Why do warranties mandate annual maintenance?

It’s easy to discount advice about HVAC inspections when it is coming from an HVAC repair company. However, we promise that we have your best interests in mind! We have one of the best track records as you can see by our reviews from across various directories, websites, and review platforms.

The truth is that furnace and AC manufacturers have designed their products with annual maintenance intended. Parts will wear out and dust and particles can cause blockages and energy inefficiency without regular inspection and maintenance.

If your machines are older, let’s say over 8 years or so (depending on usage, brand, and type), it may be time to do seasonal inspections both right before summer and then again before winter. Once systems hit over 10 years of age, replacement is often recommended instead of paying for major repairs. Warranties commonly do not cover damage caused by improper maintenance.

Contact us HERE now for your HVAC inspection for Richmond KY and Surrounding areas!


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