Heat Pumps - 1st Service Heating and Air for Richmond, KY
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Heat Pumps

Choosing a Heat Pump System

Cold Outdoors, Warm Indoors. We make it happen!

Advanced technology heat pumps bring warmer heat into your home with a high efficiency heat pump. Let us show you how!

Heat Pump servicing and installation in Kentucky

 Why We Choose The Brands We Install?

Energy efficiency is important but not the only thing to consider. Some heat pumps are quieter than others. Some work better at keeping the humidity levels in your home at safe levels. Let’s talk about the differences.

SEER and HSPF? What to know….

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This rating is for the cooling season. The other rating is HSPF which stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor for the heating season. All equipment manufacturers must rate their equipment by testing which is required by the Department of Energy.  This way you, the property owner, can know what you are getting installed. The indoor and outdoor units must match and have an AHRI certification. Make sure you ask for the AHRI certificate when making a final decision on your new system.

Air conditioners use the SEER number but heat pumps use both SEER and HSPF. The higher the rating, the easier it is on your utility bill. What’s this mean to you? More money in your pocket in the long term. You will pay more for a higher efficiency model but the operating savings can help pay back the investment. Also, higher efficiency units have other features and benefits to bring you more value. Benefits like: quieter operation, more durable cabinets, better humidity control, advanced self-diagnostics and more.  Higher efficiency models also increase the value of your home making a purchase an easier decision for an energy conscience buyer.

What Other Features Are Good?

A powder painted coating can help a unit last longer by fighting off rust and deterioration over time. Louvered grilles help to keep debris from entering the coil of the outdoor unit. They help keep lawn mower debris out and other external elements like hail. A heavy steel cabinet with powder paint can help your outdoor unit stay looking great longer like a fine automobile finish.

What’s the noise all about?

Higher quality, higher efficiency units are much quieter than the lower end units. The outdoor fans are designed to be quieter on the better units as well as the compressor and other electronic components within the units. Our experience has been that you can barely hear the outdoor unit running when it is on low to medium speeds. Walk around the corner of the house and you will be surprised how quiet the unit is. Some installations have the outdoor units installed outside the bedroom window or next to the home’s deck. The last thing you want when relaxing is to hear an air conditioner or heat pump kick off and on with a noisy machine noise while running. The higher efficiency units have built in technology that keeps them running much quieter than typical units.