Gas Furnaces - 1st Service Heating and Air for Richmond, KY
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Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces should be quite and dependable

Furnace service and installation are very important. That is why 1st Service Heating and Air wants to be a part of your project. We are here to help you have a comfortable home in every season.

Did You Know?

One in four furnaces in U.S homes today are more than 20 years old? Older furnaces were not built with the same energy-saving technology as today’s products. Your older furnace could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year between maintenance needs and energy usage.

What to look for in a new gas furnace?

Gas Furnaces come in a variety of sizes and efficiencies. The right one for your home will depend on what type of chimney you have and whether you can upgrade to a super high condensing furnace vented with pvc pipe. These furnaces can get up to 96% or more efficiency which means you only lose 4 percent or less of heat out your vent. Older furnaces can be as inefficient at 60% efficency with 40% going out the chimney.

A furnace with a pilot light is very old technology and should be replaced ASAP. The newer furnaces are self igniting and do not need a wasteful pilot light.

Proper installation is key to providing an efficient longer lasting furnace. Furnaces that are dependable with a warranty to back it up are the best ones to choose.

Many companies building high efficiency models offer a limited lifetime warranty on their heat exchangers. We make sure the new furnace is registered online with the manufacture to ensure a 10 year warranty on all other parts. Give us a call at 859-333-5191 for a FREE FURNACE INSTALLATION PRICE QUOTE.

Furnace Maintenance, Service and Installation

When you are out of heat, you need quick reliable service. That’s what we provide for you.  When it comes to furnaces, we are the experts. Contact 1st Service Heating and Air to talk with a professional. Our valued services include furnace service, maintanance and installations. We can handle emergency furnace service and installations too.  You can always count on us to help you in your time of need when it comes to your furnace. For immediate service please call 859-333-5191.